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Elevating Executives and Executive Teams into self aware, skilled leaders with complete business confidence!

You are either a transformational leader or a leader under transformation.


We are the partners to support you on your journey!  We are passionate about being the catalyst for great leaders to step into a higher vision for themselves and to hold a greater vision for their teams. Our combination of personal transformation strategy and business savvy makes us the preferred choice to build Complete Business Confidence!

Confidence in Leadership

Confidence in Strategy

Confidence in Execution

The Paradigm Shift Approach to building Complete Business Confidence is a perfect fit for Transformational Leaders who would like the insights of a Leadership Development Expert as they build their Team; and an experienced Business Coach for Strategic Thought Partnership. We are a preferred partner and bench strength to provide structure and support to ensure that you have:      

  • The right people in the right roles   
  • A comprehensive and widely communicated business strategy 
  • A plan to inspire accountability to deliver the strategic plan

Randi Radul

Randi is an Executive and Team Coach with an extensive corporate background. She began her career as a Certified Management Accountant and worked in the pharmaceutical and forest products manufacturing sectors as a senior leader and business partner. Her natural ability to harvest the strengths of individuals and teams coupled with her desire to help leaders perform at their maximum potential launched her into her current career of helping leaders and their teams create Life, Leadership and Relationship strategies to optimize their energy and performance.


Coaching Impacts

Technical leadership teams love the practical insights, sharp intuition and the concrete facts that Randi brings from her studies of Positive Psychology and its impacts on the workplace. She has a commanding presence that draws the team into focus and she creates a positive and productive space for the team to expand and grow.

Randi’s individual clients report that she has helped them to overcome obstacles that they have faced their entire career. She helps them improve their level of self-awareness in such a profound way that it impacts their corporate and personal relationships. She helps her clients develop mastery in managing difficult conversations and adopting a work/life balance mindset.

She uses her full complement of leadership and business experience to provide Leadership Coaching, Leadership Development workshops and also runs the Strategic Planning process for many of her clients.

Randi is a Master Facilitator of the full suite of Lumina Learning’s Psychometric assessments. Lumina Spark, Leader and Emotion underpin her Leadership Development Coaching Process.

Reena Maru

Reena is an Executive and Team Coach with an extensive corporate background. She started her career as a Chartered Accountant working at KPMG before moving to the consumer-packaged goods and pharmaceutical industries. She progressed to senior leadership with over 30 years’ experience leading teams in multiple disciplines. She has a proven track record of mentoring and developing new leaders, leading engaged and high-performing teams, and delivering exceptional business results. Leveraging this experience Reena will be able to collaborate with our clients to build high performing teams, transform cultures, and develop the confident leaders of tomorrow. 

Through years of supporting leaders and their teams on their journey to having complete business confidence, Randi has developed The Paradigm Shift approach to help leaders lean into a higher vision of themselves. No matter if you’re a seasoned executive or newly promoted into a leadership role, our unique approach to leadership development will help you become a more impactful and confident leader with complete business confidence. 


If you’re ready to claim a higher vision of yourself or your team, let’s partner together.

How to Work With Paradigm Shift

For the CEO, President or General Manager that would like to partner with an Expert in Team Building, Leadership Development and Strategic Planning Facilitation.

We will help you to develop a clear path and provide leadership coaching in real-time. We will walk you through the process of making sure the right people are in the right chairs, clarifying the overall business strategy and outlining the people and processes required to deliver the plan!

For the Executive that is preparing for the next stage of their career, and who wants to be a more confident version of themselves today!

We will work to identify your signature leadership style and help you to improve your executive presence. Partner with us for Private Executive Coaching or invest in a group of leaders on your team to start a Leadership Revolution with The Confident Leader twelve month self awareness based leadership development program.

Let’s spend a day together! In a group or individually, we will leverage the wisdom of psychometrics to help you to improve your self-awareness and deepen your leadership effectiveness.

Request our calendar of upcoming Leadership Self Awareness Sessions or contact us for a customized leadership self awareness experience.

Take a Peek at What Makes Us Unique

We have a unique process for leadership transformation with proven results!


The Coach approach transforms - You are a brilliant leader. You haven’t gotten this far in your career without some really great skills. We focus on harvesting your wisdom to empower you and your team! We will enhance your wisdom with our leadership coaching experience and solid business acumen to set you up for even higher levels of success!

We use the Best Psychometrics that assess your strengths and opportunities for relationship enhancement, leadership effectiveness and emotional agility. You will also gain insight into how your strengths rank relative to other global leaders. The output of these assessments is greater self awareness and the establishment of your signature leadership style. 

Clarity and Focus is the main goal to set you up for success. We ensure that your business leadership has a clear strategy that you can all align to and a clear plan to deliver. Having the whole team pulling in the same direction will allow you to gain momentum and expedite your team’s success. 

Let's Make it Happen

You've been thinking about finding a partner to help bring your ideas into focus and boost confidence so that you can have your best year yet!

Let's have a call to explore how we may partner together to make Complete Business Confidence a reality for you and your team!


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We believe in the impact of a good leader 


We’ve worked for good leaders and poor leaders. The one thing we know for sure is that working for a poor leader impacts all areas of your life. Working alongside a great leader is great for people and businesses alike. 

We are relentlessly optimistic that we can have a positive impact on the world at large by creating great leaders and great workplace cultures that crush business results. 

We don’t subscribe to a "touchy/feely" approach but rather we build leadership skills and business confidence while delivering a great strategy! Let’s get excited about the impact that your organization is having on the people that work there, the people that you serve and the world at large! 

The first step is bringing the vision into focus and aligning the right people to deliver it! 

Join us for weekly tips on how to build your executive presence, boost your confidence and resources to help you bolster your energy as a transformational leader!